School Lectures For Fivefold Ministry Module - Ministry of Intercession

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Additional Materials Needed

Intercession - Gods Battlefield (MP3 Download)

The Domino Effect - Believing God for Finances

The Tree of Life (MP3 Download)

The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses (MP3 Download

Welcome to the Ministry of Intercession Course!

There are so many courses and books in this world on the subject of prayer. Yet, there are so many people that are still wondering how to pray effectively. They are wondering, "Lord, why are my prayers not being answered?"

Lesson 1: Intercessors - Chosen by God

Intercession is not a fad that you can enroll in and choose to be a part of because it seems interesting. It is a high calling of God.

Lesson 2: Intercession, Where to Get Started

God wants you to pray simply, so that when people hear, their faith will not be in your amazing words, but in the power of God.

Lesson 3: The Power of the Word in Prayer

Do you really think that your amazing words are going to do the job? Not a chance, unless those words are from the Word of God because the Word says that it is the Word of God that is quick, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword.

Lesson 4: Adding Weapons to Your Arsenal

So, are you ready to rise up today in your faith? Are you willing to take a look at the maturity level of your faith, so that you can reach the place that every single prayer is heard and answered?

Lesson 5: Spiritual Warfare Made Simple

The problem is not on God's end. His arm is not too short and neither is His hand too weak. He only responds to faith, not to need. You cannot release the power of God when doubt is present. You must allow God to remove every mindset that is keeping you from seeing the truth and knowing your authority beyond a shadow of doubt.

Lesson 6: Christian Cliches

Your words do not carry power in them without being used under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. (Take note of this and do not forget it.)

Lesson 7: How to Pray for Direction

This is one area that you must really trust in Him to lead and guide you in the correct way. You cannot lean on your own understanding or ideas. You cannot depend on common sense always being right.

Lesson 8: How to Pray for your Future Spouse

Put your faith into action now. Pray for them as if they are already with you. Cover them in the spirit. See you two meeting and speak forth that meeting to take place. Release the angels to do the bidding of the Lord and to bring that blessing to you.

Lesson 9: Receiving Answers to Financial Problems

It is time for you to learn to make withdraws from your heavenly bank account.

Lesson 10: How to Pray for Physical Healing

God is not a man that lies. If He has promised you healing, then healing is yours. So then, now that we know that healing is our inheritance and promise from God, why are we not walking in it?

Lesson 11: How to Deal with Generational Curses and Sickness

A generational curse is established by repetitive, un-repented sin.

Lesson 12: How to Pray for Others in Intercession

In intercession, this is not a time to pray what you think or feel is right. This is a call to release something that may change the course of someone's life. This is a time that the Lord will use you to order the steps of His people.

Lesson 13: Laying Prayer Groundwork for Ministry

As you go to the Lord to lay a prayer foundation and do the groundwork, you will find that the beginning stage is like preparing a road.