School Lectures For Fivefold Ministry Module - Called to the Ministry

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Called to the Ministry

Welcome to the Called to the Ministry Course!

A warm welcome to Called to the Ministry Course

Lesson 1: What am I? Identifying Your Call

What am I doing with my life? I’m sure you’ve asked that yourself a couple times. Well ask no more, come with me and lets find out what your calling is.

Lesson 2: The Instruction List

Before your ship sets sail, there is one important thing you need - a compass. Know which way to go when you know God’s will for your life. In this lesson you will learn how to hear from God and be sure of which direction to take.

Lesson 3: The Instruction List Part 2

Have you ever wanted your prayers to have more…power? Try Bulldozing!

Lesson 4: Places Everyone! Knowing the Body Ministries

There is more to local churches then pastors and prophets! You can’t forget the rest of the body ministries! Where do you fit in?

Lesson 5: The Price for the Call

What price are you willing to pay to fulfill the call of God on your life? Discover what is required of you and the expectations God has on you. It’s time to count the cost before you begin your journey.

Lesson 6: Training Begins

Change. Nobody likes to be uncomfortable and forced to change. However, as you embark on your ministry journey, you will learn that change is vital to your success. Mark your journey and discover the change that you will go through.

Lesson 7: Your Ministry Journey

Your calling is progressive. It is not laid out in a detailed map with pitfalls and cornerstones. In this lesson, you will come to understand that your calling unfolds and it only begins when you take a step of faith!

Lesson 8: The True Purpose of Your Call

You made it! So…now what? What were you supposed to do again?