School Lectures For 04 Practical Ministry Module - Worship Using the Guitar

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Introduction: Worship Party - Jesus' Style

Worship. It is the essential reason for this course. What does it take to worship the Lord? Do you need to be able to play like a virtuoso? Learn about the true heart of worship and the reason why you should take this course. Are you ready to worship?

Lesson 1: Hello Guitar - Your First Date

First time picking up a guitar? In the first lesson you will learn about the guitar as an instrument and how to get ready to to play your first chord.

Learn to master the D chord and discover how easy it is to worship the Lord with whatever you have.

Lesson 2: The Power of Praise - Thanksgiving no matter what

Learning the Main Chords in the Key of D


The Starting Signal to an Amazing Journey to the Throne Room of God. Learn to praise the Lord in the hour of darkness. Let the Holy Spirit take you to the Holy of Holies.

Lesson 3: Indeed, I can strum!

Basic Strumming Pattern 4/4.

I promise you, after this lesson you will be playing your first song well. Solidify your first three chords and learn your first strumming pattern.

Learn how to praise your way through your problem. Lift you eyes higher and choose to praise instead of sitting in grief and wallow. Praise the Lord with the Word of God and with Tongues. Learn how to build yourself up and get ready for the Throne Room

Lesson 4: You are the Temple

Learning the main chords in the key of A


In this lesson you will learn some new powerful chords that will open the door for you to play many praise and worship songs.

The transition to worship. Learn about the difference between praise and worship.

Lesson 5: Let your River Flow

Strumming Lesson Part 2

Learn how to play 8 beats in 4/4. Take your strumming to the next level and add some characteristics to it.

Tap into the inner underground stream and pour out of our spirit.

Lesson 6: The Gentle Breeze of Jesus

Learning the main chords in the key of G


Learn a wonderful chords progression that you can use to worship the Lord.

Experience the the gentle breeze of Jesus. Learn to worship unto the Lord. You and the Lord alone. Love is the heart of worship. Learn to pour out in love to the Lord

Lesson 7: Worship is a Sacrifice

Strumming Pattern Part 3

Come let us worship with a new pattern that will revolutionize your guitar playing

Learn about the difference between being a great guitar player and playing with anointing.

Lesson 8: The Worship Revolution

Learning the main chords in the key of E


Worldly music in the church? It is time the church of God rises up to set a new standard when it comes to music. Music is powerful. Let us use it with the tool the Lord has given us to build the kingdom of God.

Lesson 9: The Unity in Worship

Strumming Pattern Part 4

New level - new pattern. A fantastic beat that will help you add more flavor to your worship times

Worship is for God's people. Learn about how to step out of you "worship closet" and start leading people into the throne room that you have been experiencing for yourself. Learn to flow in unity with your team.

Lesson 10: How to lead others into the presence of the Lord

Learning the main chords in the key of C


Master your first Barre Chord

In this lesson you will learn the five steps of how to lead others into the presence of the Lord in a very practical way.

Lesson 11: Keep it simple!

Strumming Pattern Part 5

You will learn to keep things simple in playing guitar. Less can be more!

Lesson 12: The 12-String Guitar

In this lesson we are going to revolutionize the chords you have already learned so far.

A chord is not just a chord. Learn about the different beautiful voicings a chord can reveal

Bonus Lesson: The Electric Guitar

Introduction on the electric guitar

In this bonus lesson you will learn about the electric guitar and what the differences are to a acoustic rhythm guitar