School Lectures For 03 Apostolic Ministry Module - 10 The DNA of Man

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Lesson 1: The DNA of Man

The first class commences with a breakdown of how we are created in God's image. With a study on man's tripartite nature you come to understand how we are created to succeed in His power! Know yourself in a way that you never did before

Lesson 2: The Soul of Man - Human Temperaments

What causes us to think and act in the way that we do? Understand the mechanics of man's temperaments and how your mind, emotions and will word together in perfect harmony to to make you unique. Understand also what role they play in what God has called you to do.

Lesson 3: Breaking Temperaments Down

A comprehensive study on each of the human temperaments with practical application to ministry, marriage and business relationships.

Lesson 4: Swapping Temperaments

A practical application on how to change your temperament. Learn the different way to swap not only your, but your husbands, your co-workers and even your friends temperaments.

Lesson 5: Archetypes and Cultural Programming

Navigate your way through understanding and adapting to the archetypes around you. Looking at both the strengths and weaknesses of archetypes, you will become equipped to reach anyone, at any level! An essential class for anyone called to evangelism, an apostle or the church internationally.

Lesson 6: Soul DNA

The Lord made you unique in spirit, soul and body! In the same way that our physical DNA is made up from the strands of our bloodline, so also has your soul been conditioned by various influences throughout your life. Class is in session as we look at how to identify Soul DNA and also how to use it as a positive influence in the Church.

Lesson 7: Spiritual DNA

Delving deeper into the subject, we pull back the curtains in this class to look "under the hood" so to speak. Leaning towards the spiritual influences we face daily, you will discover both the negative and positive impact that spiritual DNA has on your life.

Lesson 8: Spiritual DNA and Spiritual Parenting

Armed with the understanding of spiritual DNA, we will look deeper at how it is an influence in spiritual parenting and the new move that God is bringing in the church. This class will look at the process of mentorship and spiritual parenting and how DNA (both demonic and Godly) has impacted your ministry.

Lesson 9: Halo Data

How often was it written of Jesus and Paul, "They could see that the man had the faith to be healed." You too can walk in this ability. Understanding Halo Data puts you ahead when working with people. Know when to speak and when to be silent. Know who is open to your message and who is not. Learn to be sensitive to the things that others do not tell you. Essential for anyone with a ministry vision to teach and train.

Lesson 10: The Cannibal Instinct

It is essential to determine who you are ministering to is receiving your message and who is not. Jesus was very selective in the disciples that He chose and as God raises you up, learn to know when people are ready for your message. This class will help you understand what the "Cannibal Instinct" is and how to both identify it and guard yourself from future personal attacks in ministry.

Lesson 11: Star Quality - Your Ministry Image

Jesus had a clear course He followed when ministering to people. Without a picture in your mind of the ministry God has called you to, what is there for others to follow? This is another "look behind the scenes" class as we look at the realities of our human nature and the role it plays in what you present in your ministry.