School Lectures For 03 Apostolic Ministry Module - 09 Pastoral Training

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Pastoral Training (MP3 Downloads)

Lesson 1: Getting on the Bus

What gets the process moving. Your first step into pastoral training and how to make sure it is an easy one! Identify the signs and keep in step with the Lord to get your training started.

Lesson 2: The Purpose for Pastoral Training

The Changing Process
The purpose of pastoral training is to equip and not strip you. Grab hold of this lifeline as it takes you to safe ground. Then stand in awe as you look back and see how the Lord did just what He said He would - He turned you into a minister of the Word!

Lesson 3: Attributes of the Pastor

The character traits that define a Pastor and why attaining these traits are more possible than you think.

Lesson 4: Tackling Acceptance and Recognition

This lesson defines these primal human needs and putting them into perspective. Once you grasp these principles for yourself, you are well on your way to fulfilling this function in the lives of others.

Lesson 5: Defining the Pastor Teacher

Separating the teaching ministry from the pastor teacher, check off each point that will define you as a pastor teacher. This goes beyond just being "apt to teach" but having the tools you need to do the job well!

Lesson 6: How to Break it Down

An effective pastor teacher knows how to give people the step 1...2...3... In this lesson receive the secrets you need to taking your profound revelations and breaking them down in such a way that everyone can receive them.

Lesson 7: Pastoral Training Phase 1 - The Lion

Let's discuss the difference between one standing in authority as a true leader and one who is simply arrogant and leading with a spirit of control. (Identify the insecurities.)

Lesson 8: Pastoral Training Phase 2 - The Lamb

Let the Lord have control over your emotions. Your anger is a gift in the hand of God, but is it truly in His hands?

Lesson 9: Pastoral Training Phase 3 - Becoming Capable

How far along are you with your pastoral training? Follow me as I track your progress and whether you have been sensitive to the hand of the Holy Spirit through this process.

Lesson 10: What Your Mother Never Told you About Ministry

We all make the mistake of looking at ministry leaders and imagining what it will be like in "ministry one day." Join me along this "tongue in cheek" lesson that will make you shake your head (if you have been there) or give you a healthy respect for ministry (if you have not.)