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Ministry in Music

How to Start a Home Church

Presentation of Prophecy


Introduction to the Hands On Ministry Course.

Learn why you should take this class and how you can pick up the full anointing!

Lesson 1: Ministering Using Visions

Receiving prophetic revelation and sharing it can often be lost in translation. These practical steps will lead you from receiving a vision and sharing and then applying it.

Lesson 2: How to Host a Meeting

Being the host for any conference or meeting looks a lot easier than it is. Just put yourself in that position to discover that there is a lot more to being a host than looking good. Taking you through the steps you will learn how to open a meeting, present the speaker and transition from praise and worship to the word if you are ever called upon to do so.

Lesson 3: Ten Rules for Leading Worship

Every worship leader has their own style, but in this lesson you will learn some often overlooked essentials in leading worship. Considering that worship is often longer than the deliver of the Word, it stands to reason that there are rules and directions from the Holy Spirit that you should follow. The preacher will study and prepare his notes for hours - this lesson looks at how you should prepare to lead worship.

Lesson 4: Praise and Worship - Their Purpose and Delivery

How to approach it, how to transition and the purpose for praise and worship. With these simple instructions, you will not feel "stuck in a rut" or lost without the anointing every again.

Lesson 5: Worshipping in the Spirit

How can you bring a worship team together to worship publicly in the spirit? Some powerful instruction will have you well on your way towards worshipping in the spirit and knowing how to navigate your way from bringing down the glory and handing the mic to the main speaker.

Lesson 6: Leading Intercessory Prayer

Just because you know how to pray, does not mean you know how to lead others in prayer. Some guidelines to follow along with some direction on keeping everyone focused and the need to sometimes correct and bringing members in line.

Lesson 7: Leading a Bible Study

A fantastic formula for leading a bible study through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Once you discover this formula, you will want to have a bible study like this all the time!

Lesson 8: 3 Types of Group Prayer

Keeping a group focused on the point of a meeting can be a challenge! Following on from the previous lesson you will learn how to maintain unity and purpose in your group prayer. Learn about three types of group .

Lesson 9: How to Write a Devotional

Have a passion to write? You have what it takes right now to write a devotional. In fact if the Lord has called you to preach, why not start writing a devotional and get used to pouring out? By the end of this lesson, you will be equipped to take the nuggets of inspiration the Holy Spirit has given to you and send it out to a mailing list or post it to social media.

Lesson 10: Talking About Money (Handling Tithes and Offerings)

So you have been asked to talk about money or take the offerings tonight. Tired of the stale old ?bless and be blessed? message? Then this lesson is just for you. Bringing balance to the ?money? topic, you will be inspired to talk about finances in a way you never have before.

Lesson 11: Presentation of Personal and General Prophecy

Do not confuse personal and general prophesy. Discover the difference between the two and follow these simple guidelines to prophesying with anointing and confidence.

Lesson 12: Group Project and Anointed Organization

Workshops are a powerful tool to apply a specific theme or principle. In this lesson you will learn how to take a group project and present it to a group. Apostle Colette will be taking group projects from their live ministry schools as examples to show you the kind of projects you can also put together and then how to implement them to achieve maximum results.

Meeting organization is a ministry in itself. In this very down to earth practical application you will receive a guideline of how to organize any ministry event. You will be presented with a checklist and a priority listing of what to do when. Keep this on hand to keep organization smooth and the meeting seamless!