School Lectures For 02 Teacher Module - 10 Practical Pastoral Ministry Part 2

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Pastoral Training

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Lesson 1: The Crucified Life

Hurts knitted into templates of the past product building blocks for our lives that continue to lead us astray. Ministering to these hurts sets our course straight once again. Living out the crucified life is indeed the ultimate healing!

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Lesson 2: Essential Relationship Counseling

Ministry, business, family and friendships all have one thing in common - the need for GOOD relationships. The first step you need to take when counseling any relationship conflict.

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Lesson 3: Marital Counseling 101

Your first steps in marital counsel. Bringing reconciliation to couples and families through the power of Christ.

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Lesson 4: The Marriage Bed - Sexual Conflict Counseling

Conflict over sex is fast becoming one of the greatest conflicts in marriage. An honest and ?no barres held? look at this subject and how to tackle it when counseling others.

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Lesson 5: Femininity and Masculinity

Bringing balance and clarification to our roles as men and women. Bringing the Word and the Spirit to bare on our lives to bring out the best of what God created us to be. An intriguing lesson that will delve into the differences between men and women and how this bares on all of our relationships.

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Lesson 6: Abuse and Trauma - Ministering to the Sexually Broken

How sexual templates are formed negatively and the baring they have on our view towards sex and self image. A lesson on bringing healing and transforming the future of God?s people.

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Lesson 7: Family Relationship Counseling

Find your place in the family is not easy for many. Your role as a counselor will not only change the life of the person you minister to, but their entire family. You will be building the foundation of the Church by knitting the Body together once again!

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Lesson 8: Ministry Relationship Counseling

Conflicts in ministry, although often swept under the rug, carry the power to destroy the work of God. Stop the destruction before it begins with a good look at ministry relationships and how to navigate through conflict in a Godly fashion.

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Lesson 9: Workplace Relationship Counseling

Workplace relationships take up the majority of our day! Ensuring that these relationships are in good condition adds to the quality of life and our influence on this world as believers.

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Lesson 10: The Revelatory Gifts in Counseling

Essentials to functioning in all the revelations gifts during the counseling process. How to receive revelation, present it and then further apply it.