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Today's Teacher

Lesson 1: Teacher Functions in Today's Church

A teacher is one who prepares the hearts of God's people and gets them ready to receive what God desires to give them. He removes the hindrances and blockages that lie in the mind and soul.

If you think that you can accomplish this task with great intellect and eloquence, then think again! You need the anointing and the power of God to effectively wield the sword that God gives His teachers, and to proper divide bone from marrow and soul from spirit.

Lesson 2: Teacher Types

Just because you or someone you know is not a pure fivefold ministry teacher, this does not mean that they are not able to teach at all. Actually, the Word says that all elders should be apt to teach. So you mean, even if I am not a teacher, I need to learn to teach? Exactly!

There are many different types of teachers. No matter which of the fivefold ministry you fall under, they all are able to teach. The difference is just the delivery and expression of their message. Let's find out what type of teacher you are!

Lesson 3: The Price and Purpose

Nothing in this world is free. There is always a price to pay! Even if you are getting something free, you still have to abide by whatever the rules are to get that free product. There is a price of obedience.

Realize that you will have to invest in this life for whatever you want. Whether spiritual things, material things, or soulish things, you will only get out of life what you put into it. So, what price are you willing to pay to get what God desires you to have?

Lesson 4: Teaching Anointing

It takes a lot more to be a teacher than knowing the Word well, memorizing it from Genesis to Revelation. You cannot just quote from the Strong's Concordance and dictionaries. A teacher is one who has the ability to bring God's people out of the dark and into the light.

In this teaching, you are going to find out what the characteristics of the teaching anointing are and how it differs to stand in the true teaching anointing versus simply being able to elocute the Word well.

Lesson 5: Identify and Confirm the Teaching Call

In what areas are you and those around you being a teacher? Get ready to find out exactly where you stand as a teacher and how to identify this call in others, as Apostle Colette goes through the 11 signs of Today's Teacher.