School Lectures For 02 Teacher Module - 06 Preaching and Teaching

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Additional Materials Needed

Preaching and Teaching Workshop (DVD)

Lesson 1: The Foolishness of Preaching (Preaching With Power)

From lesson 1, you will be equipped to stand up in front of a group and share! You already have a message inside of you, this lesson will draw it out.

Lesson 2: Becoming a Teacher

Moving on to meat. Moving past preaching, we will take a look on going deeper into the Word and how to present a message that gives specific instruction and direction.

Lesson 3: Sermon Preparation

Start Here! The first steps you should take when preparing to share a message whether it is a testimony or a complex sermon that requires extensive study.

Lesson 4: Making Your Introduction ROCK! (The Introduction)

Moving on to the details of Homiletics, this lesson will bring your introduction together. Often overlooked, this part of your sermon is the one that breaks the ice and sets the tone for the entire meeting. Master it!

Lesson 5: The Meat of Your Message (The Main Part)

Without a set structure you risk the danger of never making your point. Make that structure too stringent and you will organize the Holy Spirit right out of it. Find balance in this message and see how the meat of your teaching should be well laid out and easy to follow. This alone will still the nerves when standing to minister.

Lesson 6: Concluding With Power (The Conclusion)

Knowing how to end can make or break your message. With lessons you can use for any speaking engagement, discover the power of applying your message to the hearts of God's people.

Lesson 7: Delivery and Using Words Effectively

Some practical tips for preaching behind the pulpit. A very practical and enjoyable lesson that will make you smile and cringe as you study the "Do's and Don'ts" of presenting your ministry publicly.

Lesson 8: Body Language and Beating the Jitters

No matter how adept you are to preaching, there is still a time when you are nervous. Another enjoyable lesson where you will pick up the skills you need to calm your nerves, present yourself with confidence and move on to the best part - the message God has for His people.