School Lectures For 02 Teacher Module - 05 Spiritual Warfare for New Generation

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Spiritual Warfare Workshop

Lesson 1: Curses vs. Spiritual Warfare

It all begins with external attacks from the enemy that come to poke at you, testing you in your areas of weakness. Depending on how you handle and respond to the enemy's attacks will determine whether or not you give the enemy license in your life.

Lesson 2: Which Sin is Sin

You do not need to walk in the spirit and not sin so that the Lord does not punish you. It is already known that the Lord does not condemn us anymore for our sin. However, what you need to understand is that your sin shapes you, your mind, and in turn your life and circumstances. To change your life for the better, you are going to need to renew your mind.

Lesson 3: Free of the Curse

Whether there are generational curses, curses from personal sin, or curses that have come via contamination and leaven from others, there is a solution! You don't have to wait years to get victory. The secret to your freedom can often be found in these two words - "take ownership"!

Lesson 4: How Satan Tests

If it's not one thing, it's another! From attacks on your mind to attacks through your circumstances, the enemy is out to get you. In this lesson, you're going to find out how satan tests. No more being blind-sided. Your getting ready to overcome!

Lesson 5: Fighting Back

You will be tested... there is no doubt about that. Yet, do you have to respond to satan's attacks in the way that you have been responding? If you have not been getting the victory, it stands to reason that there is something different you need to do in your fighting style. In this lesson, you will learn how to fight back and be on the upper hand of all attacks.

Lesson 6: Combatting Insurgency Warfare

It's so annoying when the enemy has gained license to attack you and you are not aware how he has received that license. You run around frantically binding demons and praying with all your might, but there is a better way. In this lesson, you will find out exactly how the enemy gains license and know where to begin to look so that you can close the door to his influence in your life.

Lesson 7: Exposing the Systems

In this lesson, you will be informed concerning the pressures that satan bears upon you from the systems of this world. Sometimes, you think that you are just having a bad day or that everyone is against you, but what you do not realize is the spirit at work behind the scenes. It's time to get eyes to see exactly how the enemy has been using the systems of this world to wear you down.

Lesson 8: Rules of Engagement

Stop running onto the battlefield without all your weapons and armor! How do you think you are going to defeat the enemy without the weapons of warfare that are mighty through God, pulling down the enemy's strongholds? Your weapons are not going to cut it. In this lesson, you are going to find out how to arm yourself God's way.

Lesson 9: Displacement Warfare

The final stage of warfare - displacing the enemy! You have learned to fight, you have been given eyes to see where your attacks are coming from, you have even been armed for battle. Yet, if you take the enemy down and not put something in place of what has been torn down, you will leave an open land for the enemy to simply come back and take again. The game of tug of war is over! This time, you will learn to establish the land that you have won!