School Lectures For 01 Pastoral Module - 05 Practical Pastoral Ministry Part 1

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The Crucified Life Series

Pastoral Training

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Lesson 1: A Cry for Help - Engaging in Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling and its very forms. What qualifies you to counsel and lead God's people into victory?

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Lesson 2: The Rules of Engagement

Do not engage in any form of counseling until you know the rules! The first steps to take in any counseling situation.

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Lesson 3: Determining the Source of Any Problem (Pride of Life)

How to proceed quickly to the source of any problem.

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Lesson 4: Inner Healing - the Power of the Holy Spirit (At Liberty to Love)

Flowing effectively in the ministry of inner healing and ministering by the spirit.

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Lesson 5: Transforming Minds - the Power of the Word

Counseling by the Word and using it as a weapon to transform templates and habit patterns.

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Lesson 6: Hurts, Demons and Bitterness (At Liberty to Love)

Practical solutions to addressing bitterness and breaking people free from the bondage of hurt and demonic oppression.

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Lesson 7: The Law of Judgement

Identifying the law of judgement and helping others break free of its clutches in their lives. (An introduction to dealing with curses)

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Lesson 8: Freedom from Fear

The power to break free from the spirit of fear.

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Lesson 9: Breaking it Down

Ensuring continued deliverance long after counseling sessions have ended.

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Lesson 10: Prayer vs. Counsel

Two powerful tools in the hand of any minister. Learn how to use each effectively in their appropriate environment.