School Lectures For 01 Pastoral Module - 04 Mentorship 101

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Mentorship 101

Lesson 1 - Discipleship 101

"Being a disciple to another person is the starting point to learning to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Many want to skip to "the mentor part" and be the leader. I am telling you now, the type of disciple you are will decide on the type of mentor you will become." - Apostle Colette

Lesson 2 - Mentorship Basics

If you are going to mentor anyone, firstly, you need to know what you have to offer them. After you have determined what you have to offer others, your next step is to choose someone to offer it to. Once you have done that - let the mentorship begin!

Lesson 3 - Your First Disciple - Getting Started

Time to get to know your disciple. In this lesson, you are going to be given some questions that you can use in getting to know your disciple. You will also be equipped with why it is so important to know their story. Also, you will find out if the questions you are asking and the information you are receiving from your disciple is relevant to your mentorship.

Lesson 4 - Mentorship Phase 1

Are you following all the steps that you need to follow in your mentorship relationship? By this time, your mentorship should be initiated and defined. Your disciple should also know what you expect of them and they should have received specific instructions from you on what tasks you want them to do.

Lesson 5 - Mentorship Phase 2

What do you do when your disciple faces failure or hits a roadblock? Find out what you need to do to follow through with them in this lesson. It is time to learn the importance of parables, problems, and projects.

Lesson 6 - Mentorship Phase 3

Chiseling vs Correction... what is the difference exactly and when is the time for each one? Here you are going to find out what happens after each of these events and how important it is to use correction and the chisel properly.

Lesson 7 - Mentorship Phase 4

Just because you casted out a demon does not mean that you had a successful ministry time. There is much more behind demons that is often left unattended to. Many times people use demons to cover the hurt, rejection, and insecurity that has left them devastatingly bruised and beaten. In this lesson, you will be equipped to bring healing to the broken!

Lesson 8 - Mentorship Phase 5

Letting go. This is not usually an easy process. As your heart has been knitted to your disciple and theirs to yours, you sometimes overlook the fact that the Lord has brought this mentorship to an end. This can cause chaos and make awful what started out to be so good. In this lesson, you will find out when a mentorship relationship should end and get some pointers on how to go about bringing it to a peaceful close.