School Lectures For 01 Pastoral Module - 03 How to Hear the Voice of God

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How to Hear the Voice of God (Workshop)

Lesson 1: Creating a Home - the Key to Success

To hear God's voice, people need to be comfortable. You are not just a leader - you are a pastor. That means creating an environment where they will feel comfortable opening up their hearts.

Lesson 2: God's Word is Your Secret Place - Think Like a Teacher

Teachers make you crave the Word. As you come to teach others how to hear His voice in the Word, discover the teaching anointing and use it to help others have a relationship with the Word. Also covered - Urim and Thummim, how to teach others to hear his voice above the drama!

Lesson 3: How to Give the Holy Spirit Control

Unexpected circumstances, handling the "big mouth" and encouraging the "shy one", in this lesson you will learn the steps 1,2,3 of how to sense the Holy Spirit's changing directions and how to maintain control of your environment.

Lesson 4: Dreams and Visions - Flowing in the Spirit is Key

You cannot interpret dreams, without knowing how to discern the spirit. Teaching dream interpretation means knowing Jesus and learning the language of the Spirit - types and shadows. This lesson will cover everything you need to know about teaching on dreams and visions.

Lesson 5: Dealing With Deception - It's going to happen!

Oh no, they're in deception!! Get ready to engage. This lesson is all about how to deal with deception and how to know you've succeeded. Should you engage? When should you engage... the answer may surprise you!

Lesson 6: Tongues, Utterance and Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Imparting the gift of tongues - HOW? The mystery is revealed in this lesson. PLUS - how to push through all the religious masks so that people can be real and get real with the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 7: Journaling - Drop the Mask

Obstacles you may face while teaching on this subject. You will discover that there is a thin line between the audible voice of the Lord and pure deception. Tread carefully as you dive in to the heart's of God?s people. In this lesson, you will learn what you need to know before teaching on this subject.

Lesson 8: Hearing God Through the Still Small Voice and Audible Voice

Why can He not speak LOUDER?! In this lesson you are going to compare the still small voice to the audible voice. Find out why some hear from the audible voice more than others, and how you can increase your ability to hear the still small voice.

Lesson 9: Hearing God Through Circumstances

In this lesson you will discover how to identify the signs of the times! Read your circumstances correctly and it will serve as a powerful confirmation to God's direction for your life.