School Lectures For 01 Pastoral Module - 02 The Work of the Ministry

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The Work of the Ministry

Lesson 1: The Work of the Ministry

It's time to smash this picture of what doing ministry is like. The work of the ministry is not "out there", it begins right at home.

Lesson 2: The 12 Step Program

Do not make the mistake of thinking that fellowship is ministry. They are very different. Don't miss out on what God wants to do because you are too busy having a social.

Lesson 3: Ministry 101 - Practicalities of Ministry

When should you get involved in people's affairs and when should you back off? Find out what will make or break your ministry opportunities.

Lesson 4: The New Testament Pastor - A Place to Belong

Learn how to set up the structure correctly and how to create the environment for people to to belong.

Lesson 5: The Signs of Pastoral Ministry

The 10 Signs that define the Pastor in Office. You are getting ready to find out what character God is forging in you for your calling. Where is the Lord putting pressure on you right now? What you may not have realized is that the pressure coming on you now is shaping you for the call ahead.

Lesson 6: The Two-Fold Pastoral Function

The administrative function and the ministry position of the Pastor. Did you realize that you are already in ministry right now? You will soon find out exactly what that means. You already have the anointing. Now, it is time to be accountable for the things that God has placed on your shoulders.

Lesson 7: Appointed and Anointed

Fulfilling Your Pastoral Function - Reproduce Sheep with Success

What is the purpose of the pastor? Are you doing your job? If so, the fruit of your congregation will confirm whether or not this is true.

Lesson 8: Leader Shepherd Servant Pastor

Learn about the pitfalls of Leadership vs Servanthood

Become a servant in Christ

Lesson 9: Mothering the Church

You've been anointed, chosen, and called, but how do you lead those under you? Find out how to lead God's way!

Lesson 10: Pastoral Functions

Where is the lack in your ministry? Have you taught and put all the pieces together that are necessary for growth?