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Today's Pastor

Lesson 1: The Two-Fold Pastoral Function

What does it take to truly stand in pastoral office? We are talking more than just titles here. There is a need for leadership skills, authority, and anointing. In this first lesson of the Pastor Teacher School, you are going to find out what it takes to truly stand and operate as a pastor in the church of God!

Lesson 2: Stepping Up to the Plate

"Everyone has an opinion, but are you willing to take the fall for someone else?" - Apostle Colette.

In this lesson, you are going to feel the call to accountability for the sheep that God has entrusted in your care. You will see where you have really stepped up to the plate and become the leader that God intends for you to be. You will also see where you are lacking and what you need to work on to become a greater shepherd of His flock.

Lesson 3: Spot the Pastor in the Crowd

Let's take a look at the signs of the pastor, shall we? How do you identify a genuine pastor? Is it one standing behind the pulpit, one who has a following, one who does business well? Get ready to have your eyes opened to the truth about the pastoral calling and heart.

Lesson 4: The Pastor's Character

It is not enough to know how to act like a pastor. You have to be taken up in the hands of the Holy Spirit and shaped into this specific vessel. If the pressure has not come upon you, shaped you, changed you, and challenged you, then you have quite a fun journey up ahead of you. Get ready to be shaped by the hand of the Spirit!