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All registrants of AMI Campus are proudly known as our AMI Associates. This means that you are "go getter" with a clear picture of where you are heading and we are there to help you get there.

Every course here is designed for your unique ministry style!

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Pay $75 monthly and you will get immediately access to all courses including the Apostolic Courses
Pay $50 monthly and you will get immediately access to all courses excluding the Apostolic Courses
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Dreams and Visions$120.00
The Ministry of Intercession$128.00
Practical Prophetic Ministry$120.00
Prophetic Operations$140.00
Prophetic Foundation$120.00
Prophetic Training$140.00
Prophetic Warfare$140.00
Prophetic Office$140.00
01 Todays Pastor$60.00
02 The Work of the Ministry$145.00
03 How to Hear the Voice of God$100.00
04 Mentorship 101$100.00
05 Spiritual Warfare for New Generation$150.00
06 Preaching and Teaching$120.00
07 Todays Teacher$90.00
08 Hands On Ministry Course$175.00
09 Pastoral Training $175.00
10 The DNA of Man$175.00
Apostolic Mandate$120.00
Todays Apostle$175.00
Called to the Ministry$100.00
Essentials for the New Move$140.00
Ministry of Intercession$100.00

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