About Us

Revised December 2018

The Fivefold Ministry Campus is a ministry founded by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, in association with Apostolic Movement International.

The Founders

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach having established the Campus for likeminded leaders, who have a passion to fulfill their God-given purpose. With an emphasis on practicality and connection you can expect to have as much interaction as you are comfortable with.

The Principals

Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach take personal care of each association and project submission. Making sure that your reports are put into the correct hands, you can also expect to here from them as you continue your journey with us. Should you need a personalized curriculum, a specific course of study or simply counsel or ministry, this powerhouse couple are your "go to."

The Fivefold Ministers

The Fivefold Ministry is supported and backed up by fivefold ministers in full time ministry. Each having been trained and graduated one or more of the training schools in Apostolic Movement International. Your reports are in good hands and you now have a wide network, support system to lean on.

Below is a current list of ministers who have made themselves available to invest into you:

    1. Austin Toach (Pastor)
    2. Jessica Toach (Pastor-Teacher)
    3. Nathan Berry (Apostle, Prophet)
    4. Chaifa Berry (Apostle, Pastor)
    5. Anja Sager (Apostle, Prophet)
    6. Philip Sager (Apostle, Teacher)
    7. Michael Velthuysen (Prophet)
    8. Deborah-Anne Velthuysen (Prophet)
    9. Anne Chen (Prophet)
    10. Rahel Faes (Pastor)
    11. Dalton Beckering (Prophet)
    12. Denise Jordan (Apostle)
    13. Anja Schmid (Prophet)

Associate Ministries

To get a greater understanding of who we are, please browse the following associates, ministries and divisions to get an all rounded idea of what we do.







If after this little tutorual, you still feel lost, please feel free to send us a feedback, contact us on Facebook or call in at 760 466 7679 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. California time.